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15 Game-Changing Laundry Hacks For Busy Moms- Must Read!

Laundry hacks for busy moms: a topic that’s always in high demand. In this constantly changing hustle lifestyle, finding time is hardly a reality, especially for women juggling multiple roles.

Managing all the house chores with a job can really feel like an uphill battle, so what is the solution for this? how can any busy mom manage laundry without feeling overwhelmed?

For this, I have come up with 15 best laundry hacks for these busy moms, applicable to anyone who is dealing with this common issue.

These practical solutions not only simplify your laundry but also save your precious time for the things that truly matter in your life.

So, let’s get started:


Why Is Laundry So Overwhelming?

Laundry is overwhelming? Isn’t it? I have seen people who are always behind on laundry. Why is it so?

The only reason is that they lack the simple hacks on how to keep up with laundry.

But it is also evident that laundry is exhausting for various reasons.

laundry overload with clothes
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Reasons For Laundry Overwhelming:

  • Relentless Schedules
  • Large Families
  • Differed Washing Cycles
  • Limited Laundry Space
  • Lack Of Support
  • Variety Of Clothes
  • Heavy Stain Effects.

But not all the reasons are hard to face, some of them can be easily dealt with, by the end of this article.

One of the top hacks is to follow the good laundry schedule:


What Is a Good Laundry Schedule?

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A ‘perfect laundry schedule never exists‘, as it changes with the variability in our lifestyles.

But there’s one routine it helped me since my college days and it can be a game changer for you too!

I mostly try to set fixed days in a week or times each week for my laundry, but I’m always prepared to switch things if needed.

Sometimes it may be with events, study schedules, or outings, being flexible with the schedules can keep you sane always.

The next thing is to always include family in this process, and ask everyone to keep their used clothes in the machine or a laundry bag.

Now, if you’re more of an every-other-week laundry person this works, but for those who prefer regular laundry here is a simple hack:

  • Step 1: Keep the laundry and detergent in the machine the night before washing
  • Step 2: The next morning switch on your washing machine as you wake up
  • Step 3: By afternoon you will get fully dried clothes that can be easily sorted and folded.


What Is The Best Time For Laundry?

timer for best laundry routine
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Before writing this article, I’ve seen many people posting questions- what time of the day is best to do laundry?

In my personal experience, early morning or late evening are the most ideal times for tackling your laundry mess.

The reason behind this is the hustle and bustle of our lives will be slightly composed, offering an extra scope for uninterruption to get our laundry things done.

If you are a night owl like me, doing laundry in the late evening can be a great deal setting the fresh tone for the next morning.

On the other hand, if you are an early riser you can even consider the first schedule of the day, by starting the day decluttering productively.

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How Can I Speed Up My Laundry?

Choosing the right time and schedule is not enough, if you lack the proper laundry hacks this task might feel time-consuming. But how to manage your laundry time?

Here is the trick: Follow below 3 simple tips to cut down your laundry time significantly.

steps to speed up your laundry

Steps To Make Your Laundry Take Less Time:


Step 1- Pre-Sorting

Sorting clothes into different sections based on fabric and colors can ease your laundry process. Don’t ever mix up clothes this can be time-consuming and affects the fabrics.


Step 2 – Pick Quick Wash Cycles

Modern washing machines are equipped with fast wash cycles for light clothes and lighter loads.

These cycles are aligned with high temperatures and also deliver effective washing performance.

Select these options rather than picking longer cycles if you are on a regular laundry cycle.


Step 3 – Effective Drying Methods

Choosing effective drying methods like light exposure, and high-capacity dryers can reduce laundry time remarkably.

You can invest in a drying rack which can be cost-effective and can protect your clothes from rust stains.


What Is The Average Laundry Load Per Week?

This may vary along with the family size, lifestyle habits, guest stays, and also laundry choices.

However, if you are anyone like our family of 4 it may require 3-5 loads of laundry per week. This perhaps changes with active lifestyles and can even go over 6-8 loads a week.


15 Game-Changing Laundry Hacks For Busy Moms- Must Follow!

Now let’s find a few best laundry and cleaning hacks for busy moms, which can be effective as well as time-saving:


1. Learn How To Sort Your Laundry

quick sorting hacks for laundry
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One of the easy ways to organize your laundry is to learn and implement the quick-sorting method.

What I do is, separate my clothes based on fabric nature, color, and level of dirt.

One thing to remember is that light-colored clothes must always be washed separately to contain color bleeding.

This technique can embrace the quality for a long and help your laundry feel lighter and more productive.


2. Organize Your Laundry Room

One of the easiest ways to organize your laundry is to keep everything aligned. We usually feel overwhelmed if things seem messy and out of control.

So, take a moment to access the space and replace everything in its rightful order. Fix the standard places for every item like detergent, softener, and even soft brush.

This method not only helps you grab them easily but can also help you stay organized in your laundry.


3. Follow Stain Removal Laundry Hacks

The most time we spend in the laundry is with stain removal. The deeper the stains are the more time-consuming and exhausting it can be.

So I recommend you find the best stain removal natural hacks, which can be efficient and cost-effective.

Avoid the urge to resort to quick resulting methods like bleach which can harm your fabrics over time.

Instead, choose natural ways and create time for dealing with them effectively.


4. Make Everyone Does Their Own Laundry

kid placing laundry into the washing machine
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One way to lighten the burden on busy moms is to include family in the laundry.

You can start assigning simple tasks like sorting and placing used clothes in a laundry basket. This can build accountability and responsibility from kids to adults.

Also, ensure to keep laundry bags in one place, allowing scope for laundry organization rather than being on furniture and floor.


5. Do At Least a Load a Day Laundry

One thing I preferably suggest out of my personal experience is that you must not pile up your laundry load.

Try to commit at least a load a day laundry to keep up with steady workflow.

If you keep on stocking, the burden on you as a busy mom and on the machine will add up eventually leading to a lack of desired output.

Following a daily laundry routine can also help you manage things productively and on time.


6. Use Washing Machine Effectively

using washing machine effectively
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Though we have owned a washing machine for a long time, most of us lack complete knowledge and its features.

We randomize our laundry option and choose ‘Auto Mode’ to wash, which may eventually take more time even for lighter loads.

I recommend you explore all the features and make use of the customized modes for the load you are placing.

​This can help your clothes to sustain long and make your machine more durable.


7. Make Use Of Mesh Laundry Bags

How often do you misplace your small garments? If many, don’t worry, you are not alone.

There are times when I misplace them during laundry. But now, I’ve come up with a solution that works for me far better- The usage of mesh bags.

Meshbags can keep your delicate items intact like socks, baby clothes, and innerwear. The best part is that they help to prevent heavy detergent damage, tangling, and color bleed.


8. Multi-Tasking While Doing Laundry

playing with toddler laundry hack for busy moms
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Multitasking is a savior, especially in the case of busy moms. You can take leverage of the times between the laundry cycles.

In the meantime, you can complete your other tasks like taking care of your toddlers, checking emails, and also meal preparation.

​I usually use this time to watch movies and read a book. And you can also catch some music while drying and folding your clothes.

Keep reminders in your gadgets to not get too involved in one task and neglect the other.


9. Streamline Your Laundry

One of the most underrated laundry hacks for busy moms is streamlining laundry on time.

If you are not properly organizing your laundry supplies like stain removers, detergent, and brushes this turns too time-consuming and exhaustive.

So minimize your clutter and use a single box to place every need in order. This way helps you to stay organized and also lets you know the level and time you have for refills.

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10. Use Folded Clothes Organizer

The most time-consuming part of the whole laundry is folding and sorting.

And whenever you keep your clothes directly in your wardrobe, there are chances they get messy while picking new ones.

To tackle this you can place a folded clothes organizer which can be a practical solution. This item can neatly align your folded clothes.

These organizers are not only time-saving but also promote tidiness and make your place look more spacious.


11. Try Lint Roller For Clothes

lint roller laundry hacks for busy moms
Photo by Cottonbro Studio: www.pexels.com

Do you own pets? If so you might encounter pet hair issues all across your clothes which is hard to remove.

Yes! This can also create problems if there is over-accumulation of pet hair or big threads in the machine.

For this, you can use a lint roller which removes all the hair on clothes, furniture, etc before washing.

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12. Pick Quick Alternatives For Iron Clothes

If you are a busy mom with a job, not all the time you get time to iron your clothes as well as your family members.

To handle this, I’ll share a few tips that I follow as an alternative to ironing clothes which gives almost similar results.

  • Hang clothes in the bathroom while you use hot water, the steam takes off wrinkles naturally
  • ​Keep garments in the dryer with a damp towel for a couple of minutes to freshen and smoothen your fabric
  • You can also invest in wrinkle relief spray, which hardly takes minutes to loosen up all the wrinkles
  • Use a damp sponge by rubbing gently over the wrinkles to lessen the intensity of the wrinkles(Quick Tip).


13. DIY Laundry Pods For Efficiency

laundry pods hack for busy moms
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Sometimes laundry times extend when the dirt clothes are high in proportion. Even after repetitive washing cycles, the stain remains intact.

To save time from multiple washing cycles, I use DIY laundry pods. ​The preparation process is way simple, use your regular laundry detergent mixed with baking soda and vinegar, and mix it vigorously.

Then transfer this material into an ice tray and let them freeze to form pods. These pods can turn into your best laundry routine products in no time.

Use these pods in the washing machine to show 2X efficiency in removing stains and help you cut down the laundry time.


14. Freeze Jeans Instead Of Washing

Most often we wear heavy fabrics like jeans once or twice before tossing them for washing. Besides, these fabrics take a heavy load and are more time-consuming to maintain.

For this what I do for my jeans is using the freezing technique. Here you will keep jeans in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight.

By now you might have encountered a doubt- Does freezing jeans remove smell and dirt?

This technique can kill bacteria and remove odor but it won’t work if you have a stained fabric.


15. Use Laundry Balls For Wash

While mentioning laundry hacks for busy moms, laundry balls are one of the smartest additions.

These balls are reusable and can help clothes not to tangle and help in better stain removal.

They can also decrease the dry time by evenly saving detergent cost and energy costs.



So, that is the list of laundry hacks for busy moms. I tried compiling the list based on the regular challenges and the insightful walkthrough to tackle the laundry burden.

A few of them are my personal favorites like pre-sorting, sponge technique, and DIY laundry balls, they helped me to feel laundry was a breeze.

So everyone who is reading this I recommend you add your creativity and make laundry more fun by managing your daily house chores actively.

Please also write in the comment section for further ideas, I’d definitely add to the list with credits, Thanks for reading!


Laundry Hacks For Busy Moms- FAQS

woman confused looking for answers on laundry hacks
Designed By Wavehooks

1. Is it better to do laundry loads on weekends?

Yes! It is. But see, if you are someone who is a weekend getaway person like me laundry on weekends hinders your plans. If you are the one who enjoys organizing the home and enjoys the process, weekend laundry is one of the best plans as it keeps you less occupied during weekdays.


2. How Can I Have Fun While Laundry?

Not only laundry, but you can turn any hectic activity into enjoyable by incorporating entertainment into the task. This is something popularized as ‘Premack’s Principle’ AKA ‘Temptation Bundling’. Include any fun activity like listening to podcasts, music, or watching YouTube videos. Alternatively, you can also catch up on calls with your peers to feel light.


3. How to organize laundry in a large family?

Organization is the key to maintaining laundry for large families. For this, you need to allocate every family member the task of keeping their laundry in the basket. Added to this they must follow sorting related to color-coding one for light clothes and the other for heavy.


4. How To Fold Laundry Fast?

One easy way to fold laundry fast is by folding them half lengthwise, then followed by vertical stacking after folding them in the other half again. This can save space as well as time.


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