How to Remove Stubborn Stains from Clothes: 5 Laundry Hacks That Really Work 

Have you ever found yourself questioning how to remove stubborn stains from your clothes? If you’re anyone like me who loves spending time outdoors, you might have faced this concern more times than you count, right?

By now, you likely tried tons of tips and tricks only to end up feeling vexed. But fret not! I’ve been there, working on it, and finally discovered some personal hacks that work like real magic.

Now, everyone here might be thinking, ‘Do these hacks to remove stains really work?’ Well, I can proudly state a big Yes! These simple hacks not only helped my way out to get rid of stains but also maintained the natural texture of my fabrics.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into five laundry hacks that help you say goodbye to your deep stains on clothes once and for all.


5 Best Laundry Hacks To Remove Stubborn Stains From Clothes

The below-mentioned ways seem to be very simple but trust me they will find your best way out to get rid of any stains:

5 laundry hacks to remove stubborn stains from clothes
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1. Dishwasher: Ultimate Stain Remover

When it comes to removing stubborn stains from your clothes, there’s a hidden superhero hiding in your kitchen- The Dishwasher!

Yes! Though it might sound odd it truly works magic on stains. All you need to do is dump a soft cloth or cotton ball into the dishwasher liquid and rub on the stain with moderate pressure.

You need to do this process within 30-40 minutes of the stain setting in; to work effectively. So, next time when you are dealing with tough stains, don’t forget to peek into your kitchen.

Types Of Stains It Works: Ink stains, Grass stains, Cooking oil spills, mud stains.


2. Cold Water Treatment: Soaking and Rinsing

Cold water to remove stubborn stains for clothes

The first thing I look into after staining my clothes is rushing for an immediate cold water dab. This thing be a game-changer when you know how to use it.

Here, you need to immerse the stained area in cold water and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Then gently squeeze with motions applying force to the stain and you can observe visible fading of the stain.

You can take out the cloth now and rub vinegar added with lemon to enhance the efficiency.

After the whole process, you can go with regular washing with detergent to completely remove your stain.

Types Of Stains It Works: Foodstains, Bloodstains, chocolate stains, and juice stains.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and Dish Soap Solution

vector image for stain removal using glycerin mixed with vinegar and dish liquid
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Have you ever tried combinations for your stain removal? If not you are missing out on an easy technique without spending more bucks.

Hydrogen peroxide which hardly costs you around $5-$7, when mixed with dish soap and baking soda can give you a powerful stain removal.

To make it more simple, you need to mix these three ingredients into a paste and apply to the stained region. Wait for 20-25 minutes to see visible dimming of the stain.

​This pre-washed treatment worked well for me and can surely give a fresh and clean look to your clothes.

Types Of Stains It Works: Makeup stains, Sauce stains, Pet stains, and marker stains.

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4. Vinegar: A Centuries-Old and Effective Natural Stain Remover

vinegar to remove stubborn stains on clothes

Very less people know a fact that vinegar is a natural stain remover for clothes. With its efficiency, affordability, and easy access nature, this can be your ready-to-go option.

Before trying it directly on stains you need to mix it with water and Baking soda to prepare it as a pretreatment solution.

Once applied to the deep stain you need to leave it for 20 minutes before putting it into washing.

Adding vinegar not only helps to get rid of stains but can also help in removing bad smells effectively.

Types Of Stains It Works: Sweat stains, coffee spills, turmeric, grease and wine stains.

Friendly Tip: always choose white vinegar over apple cider or other types because it won’t stain fabrics (and it’s cheaper). 


5. Use Glycerin And Dishwasher Liquid

Vector including glycerin, dish washing liquid and baking soda
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The least known thing while looking for ways to remove stubborn stains from clothes is glycerin, this effective item can be easily found in any of your nearby stores or online.

Regular glycerin can cost you around $5-$12 and can be used multiple times as it has a longer shelf life.

Here you need to add glycerin to the dish liquid in a bowl and blend it well till you see bubbles, apply this mixture gently onto the stain and let it soak for 15 minutes.

This process helps clothes to loosen the stains and following this you need to take a soft brush and rub without damaging the fabric. You can repeat the process if the stain is hard followed by baking soda mix and regular washing.

Types Of Stains It Works: Beverage stains, stains on linen crafts, rust stains, curry stains.

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‘​No matter how careful we maintain, stains certainly find their way onto our clothes’. That’s why having efficient stain removal methods is crucial for anyone.

Personally, I prefer natural methods to expensive stain removers which are the same as effective as these techniques.

The above-mentioned 5 laundry hacks to remove stubborn stains from your clothes not only help in the rightful maintenance of your fabric but also prevent damage.

I highly recommend you try these hacks and let me know how well they worked for you in the comment section.


How to Remove Stubborn Stains from Clothes: FAQs


1. Can We Remove Stubborn Stains Using Household Things?

Yes, we can! You can take the help of commonly found items like Vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing soap liquid to make a powerful stain remover. You can use them on almost all types of fabric stains.


2. Is vinegar effective in removing tough stains from clothing?

Yes! Vinegar is an effective natural stain remover. It is acidic and helps in breaking down of stain grip making it easier to remove. It can be used combined with baking soda and soap liquid to make it more efficient and make your fabric flawless.

3. What Are The Most Stubborn Stains They Are Very Hard To Remove?

Stain intensity changes along with the fabric’s nature. And when coming to the general tough stains blood, coffee, sauces, grass, and oil stains take the top place. 


4. Can Stain Be Removed After Delayed Attention or Drying?

Though we can remove stains even after drying or delayed attention, but it is recommended to attend to them immediately with natural solutions like baking soda and vinegar mix to decrease the intensity. The longer stains are left untreated the more tougher they become to remove.


5.  How To Remove Stains From Clothes Without Bleach?

Using bleach can damage any of your fabric with ease. Using natural methods can help you avoid bleach damage! Some of them can be vinegar, lemon juice, aspirin solution, cornstarch powder, and also baking soda.

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