How To Organize Kids Toys

How To Organize Kids Toys: 28 Clever Ways To Try In 2024!

Are you thinking about how to organize kids toys? If Yes, you’re not alone! It’s common for most parents in all corners of the world to face this never-ending problem.

This issue turns more hectic when it gets coupled with balancing daily tasks with little time and energy. But guess what? There’s a clear solution! 

Yes, you read that right! With hardly sparing few minutes from your daily schedule you can easily find the direct answer on how to organize kids toys.

So, without any further ado, let’s check the list and find out how to organize kids toys to declutter your home in 15 Minutes a day!


How To Organize Kids Toys Room By Room

Are you ready to change your kids’ messy toy area into organized bliss, one room at a time? 

Here are some awesome ways to know how to organize kids toys to make your day–to–day life easier.

How to organize kids toys in living room
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How To Organize Kids Toys In Living Room

Looking to revamp your living room for a tidier setup? Look no further, here are some easy tips to know how to organize your kids toys in the living room.

1. Limit Toy Quantity

Keep only a limited number of toys in the living room. Regularly check which toys are no longer played with, and give away or donate the toys to declutter the space.

2. Rotate kid’s toys

To keep the living room tidy from getting messy, change the toys every few weeks. Store some toys away and bring some other toys to keep things fresh and exciting for your kids.

3. Create a play area

Make a special place in the living room just for playtime activities. You can use a corner with a rug or play mat where kids can spread their toys and play whenever they want.


How To Organize Kids Toys In Small Room

Got a small room full of toys driving you crazy? Let’s think about how to organize kids toys together with these easy-peasy tricks.

How to organize kids toys in small room
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4. Toy Library System

For a while think of your small room as a mini toy library. Give a try to create some zones or shelves for different types of toys – like puzzles, dolls, and building blocks.

Encourage your kids to pick all the toys for playtime and tell them to put them back when they finish playing.

This not only helps to keep things neat but also teaches kids to be responsible and organized.


5. Vertical Storage Solutions

When your rooms are small it is evident that floor space is also limited, so why not look up? Utilizing your walls for storage is undoubtedly the optimal solution.

For this optimize some wall-mounted shelves, hanging organizers, or even a pegboard these are like magic for making space.

These clever solutions clear floor space for playtime while keeping toys within easy reach. Plus, they add a stylish touch to the room’s decor.

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6. Theme-Based Toy Rotation

Have you ever tried rotating your kid’s toys in fun-based themes? If not try this, will surely help you to clear the clutter.

Like, one month you could have space stuff with astronauts and rockets as a Space Exploration theme.

Then, next month, it’s a Jungle Adventure theme with animals and jungle play sets. This keeps playtime exciting and educational.


How To Organize Kids Toys In Closet

Is your closet overflowing with toys? No worries! Let’s work together to tidy it up. We’ll find easy ways how to organize kids toys, making them neat and easy to find. Sound good?

Toys neatly arranged in closet
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7. Adjustable Shelving

Customise your shelves with different sizes to fit all your toys of different sizes in their places.

This technique not only makes your home look tidier but can also help your kids stay organized while boosting their analytical thinking capabilities.


8. Utilize Door Space

Let’s hang a bag or shoe rack on the closet door to store small toys, art supplies, or books. This saves space and keeps items easily accessible.


9. Incorporate Drawers and Dividers

You can use DIY hacks to create a shelf or drawer dividers with aluminium tubes to keep the messy things organized in one go.

For large storage places divide the space in equal parts to keep the small and large toys without creating a mess inside your closet.


How To Organize Toys in Kids Room

If you feel toys are taking over your kid’s room? Don’t worry, we can fix this problem!

Let’s use some easy tricks and tips on how to organize kids’ toys in their room and make space for fun. Ready to make the room awesome again? Let’s go!

organize kids toys in kids room
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10. Group Similar Toys

First let us start by categorizing toys like dolls, cars, or puzzles. Keep them together in separate bins or baskets so it’s easy to access and clean up.


11. Utilize Under-Bed Storage

Use space under the bed having storage bins or drawers for larger toys or items that aren’t frequently used. This frees up floor space and keeps the room tidy.


12. Create a Display Shelf

Pick a shelf or two for showcasing favorite or special toys. This adds a personal touch to the room and encourages kids to keep their room organized.


How To Organize Kids Toys In Bedroom

Are you ready to take on the mess of toys in your bedroom?

Let’s work together on how to organize kids toys in the bedroom and use these easy tricks to tidy things up:

Kids toys in bedroom
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13. Create a Lego Wall

Let’s make a section of the bedroom wall a Lego building area. Stick special plates directly onto the wall to create a building surface, keeping Lego creations off the floor and easily visible.


14. Utilize Overhead Space

Install a ceiling-mounted net or hammock to keep soft toys or stuffed animals overhead. This way, we can utilize unused space and keep the toys easy to reach but not in the way.

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15. Include a Toy Box or Chest

Let us add a toy box or chest at the foot of the bed or in a corner to act as a central storage solution for larger toys or bulky items. It’ll hold big toys and make the room look nice too!


How To Organize Kids Toys In Garage

Hey! Are you thinking about how to organize kids’ toys in your garage? Let’s team up and turn it into a tidy space with these super simple tricks.

organize kids toys in garage
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16. Create a Sports Gear Wall

Let’s choose a part of the garage wall for storing sports stuff. Install hooks or racks to hang bicycles, scooters, helmets, and other outdoor stuff neatly, making it easy to access and store. Sounds like a plan, right?


17. Utilize Overhead Storage

Start using the overhead space by putting ceiling-mounted racks or shelves.

We can store bins or crates that are filled with toys, seasonal items, or outdoor gear overhead to free up floor space and keep items organized and out of the way.


18. Invest in Stackable Bins or Cabinets

Choose stackable bins or cabinets to store smaller toys, gardening tools, or DIY materials.

Label each bin or drawer for easy identification and access, ensuring everything has its place.

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How To Organize Toddler Toys in Living Room: 5 Simple Strategies

Does your living room sometimes feel like a toy jungle thanks to your little one? No worries, we’ll fix it!

Let’s tidy up and tackle by thinking about how to organize kids toys with easy tricks that make it fun.

kid organizing his toys in cardboard boxes
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19. Implement a Toy Basket System

Try to place some baskets or bins throughout the living room for quick and easy toy storage.

Assign each basket a specific type of toy like cars, dolls, and blocks to make cleaning up super easy.


20. Include Soft Storage Solutions

Use soft storage things like linen fabric bins, baskets, or foldable boxes to store toys.

These materials are absolutely safe for toddlers and easily be disposed of when not in use.

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21. Incorporate Open Shelving

Install open shelves on the wall to show and organize toys. We can use baskets or bins to store smaller items and keep them organized still allowing easy access for little hands.


22. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Invest in furniture that has places to hide things such as ottomans with hidden compartments or coffee tables with drawers.

This allows you to store the toys quickly while keeping them within reach for playtime.


23. Create Toy Zones

Pick some unused areas in the living room for different types of toys, such as a corner for stuffed animals, a shelf for books, and baskets for building blocks.

By this toddlers can easily find their toys making it easier to put away their toys.


How To Organize Kids Toys in 5 Easy Ways

Are you tired of tripping about how to organize kids’ toys everywhere?

Let’s team up together and explore five simple tricks to tidy up those toys and make your home feel calm and clutter-free!

organized toys in basket
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24. Establish a “Lost and Found” Bin

Label a bin or basket with a “Lost or Found Tag” and keep that special bin or basket for toys that are not known where they belong.

Encourage kids to put their toys in actual places, but if they’re not sure, they can temporarily place them in the “Lost and Found” bin.


25. Use Clear Containers

Use clear bins or containers for storing toys so kids can easily see what’s inside without being confused in searching for their toys.

This encourages them to put items away properly and helps maintain home organization.


26. Label Everything

Put some labels or pictures on bins, baskets, or shelves to help children easily identify where each toy belongs.

This helps them to do things by themselves and makes cleanup time more efficient.


27. DIY Storage Solutions

Use the items that we already have at our home for toy storage. Use some pouches for small items like crayons or beads, or repurpose shoeboxes into colourful storage bins for toys.


28. Establish a Cleanup Routine

Help kids to clean up their toys regularly by following a simple cleanup routine. For this set a timer and play some music, or make it a game to motivate them to participate in keeping their space organized.

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FAQs On How To Organize Kids Toys

FAQs On Toys

1. What is the way to encourage kids to tidy up their toys?

 Let us follow a simple cleanup routine with timers, and playing music, or games to make it fun and exciting for them.


2. Why should I use clear containers for storing the toys?

Clear containers allow kids to easily find what’s inside, so they can easily find and put away their toys without any confusion.


3. How can I reuse the things for toy storage?

Using pouches will help to store small items like crayons or beads, and reuse shoeboxes into colorful bins to keep toys organized and easy to access.


4. how to organize kids toys on A budget?

Repurpose household items like shoeboxes and baskets for storage, utilize wall space with shelves, and involve kids in the process of creating an organized toy area on a budget.


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