Mosquito Repellent Plants Safe For Dogs

16 Top Effective Mosquito Repellent Plants Safe For Dogs!

Do you know a fact that you can simply plant mosquito repellent plants that are safe for dogs? Seems new right?

Although most of us have pets in our homes, the infections and diseases with these pesky insects are also evident.

However, we don’t want frequent vet checkups and also don’t want to use harsh chemicals on our gentle pets.

So what is the alternative for this problem? We’ve researched enough regarding this and come up with a solution.

In this, you can use dog safe plants that repel mosquitoes as well as deal with other insects like Fruitflies by enhancing the overall appeal of your home.

So, without any further ado let’s get into the list and know the list of 16 best mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs and are on budget.


The Importance of Mosquito Control for Dogs

The Importance Of Mosquito Control For Dogs
By Wavehooks

Not only for dogs mosquitoes are equally dangerous for humans as they are the prime parasites for causing diseases. From dengue in humans to heartworm disease in dogs, these little insects can lead to fatal situations.

Especially in the dog’s case, the heartworm effects can directly show the impact on its heart and lungs and can lead to death.

Apart from this, they can also cause irritations, and allergic reactions, making dogs susceptible to discomfort and itching.

To Avoid these dangers, using mosquito-repellent plants that are safe for dogs is the best solution.

So, Check the list to know what they are and how to use them.


Top 10 Mosquito Repellent Plants Safe For Dogs

There are many plants that are claimed to repel mosquitoes but not all are safe for your dogs. So follow the list and instructions to keep your home and pets safe:


1. Rosemary Mosquito Repellent

Can rosemary repel mosquitoes? Yes! is our answer. This is the finest addition to your home if you are looking for dog safe plants that repel mosquitoes.

As Rosemary mosquito repellent has a strong aroma and oils such as Cineole and Camphor any of the insects flee away and also makes the room more aromatic.

You can also dilute the rosemary leaves in the hot water and spray them as a room freshener and can also be applied on hair for better growth.

The best part about the Rosemary mosquito repellent is that this has many benefits posing less risk to your dogs.


2. Lavender Plant Mosquito Repellent

Lavender Plant Mosquito Repellent
By Wavehooks

Lavender Plant mosquito repellent is one of the best plants to add to your home interior to get rid of mosquitoes and is also safe for dogs.

This plant, which has high concentration levels of the essential oils, Linalool and Linalyl Acetate, makes the environment unpleasant for mosquitoes by evenly keeping us enchanted.

You can also use the lavender oil sprays which can benefit your dogs by reducing stress and keeping the insects away.

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3. scented geranium mosquito plant

Even though Geranium is widely known as a Mosquito plant, there is a common question remains: Do geraniums repel mosquitoes?

Yes! Geranium with its strong odor can surely repel mosquitoes and is absolutely safe for your dogs.

You can place this plant in your lawn and the seating areas to enchant yourself with aroma and keep you and your pet out of the reach of mosquitoes.


4. catnip mosquito repellent plants

catnip plant mosquito repellent
By Wavehooks

Though most of us know Catnip is the best plant to repel mosquitoes, do you really have an idea on how to use catnip to repel mosquitoes?

It is simple, Grab one Catnip plant place it at any corner in your hall and water it periodically.

An important ingredient in the Catnip plant, Nepetalactone creates an unpleasant environment for mosquitoes.

This plant not only enhances your garden if placed but is also pet-friendly.


5. citronella grass repel mosquitoes

Citronella Grass is widely popular with its mosquito-repelling properties. Elements like Citronellal are highly danger for mosquito survival and keep them away from your home.

This grass has a rich musk flavour and enchants your home throughout the day.

You can dilute and spray in other rooms if needed and this flavour also will be liked by your dogs so much as they never leave the place.


6. lemon balm plant mosquito repellent

Lemon Balm mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs
By Wavehooks

As this plant is easily available, most of us have a common question in our mind- Does lemon balm plant repel mosquitoes? 

With high levels of Citronellal compound the Lemon balm plant is the best one to be tried to get rid of mosquitoes in your home.

As this has a lemony flavour, pets can enjoy the true smell tone and enjoy the presence.

You can also rub lemon balm leaves directly onto your pet fur for additional safety from insects.

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7. Marigold Mosquito Repellent Plants Safe For Dogs

Marigold plants surely can be added to the list of mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs due to the presence of Pyrethrum content.

This is one of the safest plants even your dogs eat, this can be simply planted in your garden as well as can be kept anywhere the sunlight can reach.

They are bright and have a visual appeal that can attract any eye. You can plant all around your house to keep the small insects away from the reach.


8. Peppermint Plant To Repel Mosquitoes

peppermint plants that repel mosquitoes that are safe for dogs
By Wavehooks

The peppermint plant is one of the effective mosquito repellent plants that are safe for dogs. This plant is easy to maintain and can be easily planted in a pot.

You can also extract the plant’s essential oil which can be diluted in the water to spray across the house for the fresh aroma that can repel most of the insects.

Dogs also adapt to this smell easily and keep themselves away from the reach of mosquitoes with peppermint flavour.


9. Eucalyptus Mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs

Eucalyptus is one of the dog-safe plants that repel mosquitoes. This plant can be grown in the garden and also extract the essential oils to place in the diffuser to make your home more enchanting.

The active compounds in the Eucalyptus like Cineole can disrupt the sensory receptors of the mosquitoes and help them take an alternative route by not entering your home.

Eucalyptus is also safe for dogs and can also be kept in your bathroom to make it smell like a spa all the time.


10. Basil Plant For Repelling Mosquitoes

Not only for its culinary uses but Basil is also revered to be one of the finest mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs.

This plant has the essential oil named Eugenol that can make any type of mosquito repulsive.

This can easily grown with compost soil in a pot and is absolutely safe for your pets.

For effective use, you can simply take a few leaves of basil and rub them on your dog’s fur to make it safe even from ticks and other parasites.


11. The Sage mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs

Sage to repel mosquitoes and safe for dogs
By Wavehooks

The Sage plant is one of the dog safe plants that repel mosquitoes. The best part about this plant is that it also has medicinal as well as culinary uses.

This plant has a very strong aroma with the secreting oil names Thujone and Camphor which are very displeasing to the mosquitoes.

Simply place them in your patio to create a natural barrier for the mosquitoes and they are also safe for the pets with no side-effects.

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12. Thyme Plant To Repel Mosquito

Thyme is one of the herbaceous dog safe plants that repel mosquitoes. This plant has an oil named Thymol which can make it hard for mosquitoes to breathe.

This can also be placed indoors and outdoors where you can get medium to high sunlight.

The easy technique to use the Thyme plant is by diluting its leaves in the water and spraying it all around the house or even on the dog’s fur to protect against mosquitoes.


13. Oregano mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs

Oregano Mosquito Repellent Plants Safe For Dogs
By Wavehooks

Oregano with essential oils like Carvacrol and Thymol is listed to be one of the best dog safe plants that repel mosquitoes.

However, you need to use Oregano at a moderate level to make sure your dogs are safe.

They can be simply plotted in the pots and placed at the entrance for the appeal as well as to repel the mosquitoes.


14. Lemon verbena Plant To Repel Mosquitoes

Lemon Verbena also known as Aloysia Citrodora is one of the dog safe plants that repel mosquitoes.

It has a rich lemony flavour which can deter the entry of mosquitoes into your home.

You can simply crush the leaves of the Lemon Verbena and place them in the potpourri to enchant them all day long. Repeat the process when the flavour fades out.


15. The Tansy mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs

the tansy mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs
By Wavehooks

Tansy is one of the perennial dog safe plants that repel mosquitoes. It has a rich yellow-button-like shape and looks so pleasing to the eyes.

This plant can simply be placed on the entrance to make your house more welcoming by creating a strong barrier to mosquitoes.

Tansy has a rich flavour of Thujone and Camphor which can deter infections in your pets keeping them safe.


16. Wormwood Mosquito Repelling Plant

This is also known as Artemisia Absinthium and has silvery-green leaves which are bitter in taste and aroma.

Mosquitoes turn away with the enchanting flavour of Absinthin and Artemisinin from these wormwood plants and can be safe for your pets.

The leaves are to be dried and placed in sachets or added to the potpourri to get the flavours out and enjoy an aromatic home.

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Other Simple Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

Not only mosquito repellent plants there are also various other things that are safe for dogs to try, here are some ways to try:

1. Use Vicks To Repel Mosquitoes

Do you have the same question- Does Vicks repel mosquitoes? Yes! even we thought the same until we tried our own.

The strong menthol smell in the Vicks can help you avoid contact with mosquitoes when applied evenly.


2. vanilla extract for mosquito repellent

Vanilla Extract to repel mosquitoes and safe for dogs
By Wavehooks

Vanilla extract can be used as the mosquito repellent by mixing in the fresh water and evenly apply on the skin.

This has a very sweet smell and can be enchanting which can be a major deterrent for the mosquitoes.

Apply whenever you feel the smell is fading out, you can also spray it on your dog’s fur to protect them from insects.


3. Lavender oil repels mosquitoes

Lavender Oil is effective in repelling mosquitoes with a high concentration of the Linalool and the Linalyl Acetate.

This can be diluted and kept in a diffuser to make your entire home covered in its rich smell and protect against mosquitoes.


4. Coffee Grounds Mosquito Repellent

Use Coffee Grounds To Repel Mosquitoes
By Wavehooks

Coffee grounds can readily act as the mosquito repellent. You can simply scatter them all along your garden which can enchant when watered.

You can also smash them and place them in the dried sachets to keep your home smelling like a rich coffee hub by fading these galling insects away.


5. Tea Tree Mosquito Repellent

Tea tree mosquito repellent is a string deterrent to mosquitoes with its essential oil spreading.

This can be directly applied to the skin which can act as a natural moisturiser and also help you fight against mosquito bites.

Tea tree oil is the best alternative to the strong chemical ointments.

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How To Use Mosquito Repellent Plants That Are Safe For Dogs Effectively?

How To Use Mosquito Repellent Plants That Are Safe For Dogs Effectively?
By Wavehooks

1. To Effectively use mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs, you need to maintain them well by placing them in the right spots in your home.

2. Constant monitoring is required and make sure you are replacing the compost soil periodically to keep a check on the plant’s health.

3. Make sure you follow the instructions well to get rid of mosquitoes and also keep your pets away from these plants to uphold their safety.


Frequently Asked Questions On Mosquito Repellent Plants Safe For Dogs

1. will incense repel mosquitoes?

Yes! Incense repels mosquitoes that have the flavour of Citronella.

2. Does lemon grass plant repel mosquitoes?

Lemon Grass is one of those plants that have high concentrations of Citronella, due to which it can effectively repel mosquitoes.

3. Does Mosquito Repellent Work For Fleas?

Not all mosquito repellents work for fleas, you need to follow alternative methods to get rid of them.

4. What If My Dog Eats Mosquito Repellent Plants?

Due to some toxic properties, not all plants can be safe for your pets if eaten accidentally. Consult a veterinary doctor immediately after your notice.

5. how to use essential oils to repel mosquitoes?

Yes, diluting the essential oils like the lavender and tea tree can repel the mosquitoes effectively.


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