How To Use Shower Steamers

How To Use Shower Steamers: Your Complete Bathing Guide!

It is evident that “In the shower, we cleanse not just our bodies but our souls as well”. To elevate this experience, have you ever considered using shower steamers?

Seems new right? Don’t worry in a while you will get to know what are they, how to use shower steamers and all their types.

But before that be prepared for the aromatic journey as these simple additions can revolutionize your bath within minutes.

Do they cost high? We say a big no! They are affordable yet have many benefits that are worth every penny to your daily routine.

So let’s explore the facts about shower steamers, their benefits and also the right time to use them.


What Are Shower Steamers?

What Are Shower Steamers
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Shower Streamers are known by different names, such as shower fizzies, shower melts, and even shower bombs.

These small solid additions are specially designed to embrace your showering experience by adding more scent-sational aromas.

They are more similar to the bath bombs but rather than using in the bath shower steamers are used in the shower.

The major known combinations in shower steamers are citric acid, aromatic essential oils, baking soda, and various other natural ingredients.

These are generally placed on the floor and waited till they get in touch with the water, right after the contact they gradually dissolve releasing the essential oils into the air.

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what do shower steamers do?

What Do Shower Steamers Do?
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The major function of the shower steamers is to offer therapeutic effects by enchanting essential oils with contact with the water.

These small additions to your shower can help you tackle stress and anxiety through relaxed inhaling of the aroma.

​Shower steamers also help in clearing the nasal congestion in the morning, and also create a feeling of refreshment.


Different Types Of Shower Steamers

With mood and purpose shower steamers are categorized into different types, here are the top 5 that deserve a special try for your shower:

Types of Shower fizzies
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1. Relaxation Shower Steamers

These are specially designed for relaxation and the mind’s calmness. The ideal additions here are the lavender and the chamomile which can cater for the needs for a better sleep after a hectic day outing.


2. Congestion Relief Steamers

Whenever you feel nasal congestion in winter or rainy, you can try congestion relief steamers.

The strong menthol and the eucalyptus flavour can enchant high in the steam and help you deal with respiratory congestion.


3. Energizing Steamers

These can be used when you feel less motivated in the day, the peppermint and the citrous oil can be more refreshing and offer you a joyous start to your day.


4. Mood-Boosting Steamers

Mood-boosting steamers have the inclusion of flavourful scents like citrus and bergamot which can elevate your mood and also enhance the overall productivity of your day.


5. Detoxifying Steamers

The most widely used and highly preferred steamers are detoxifying. These contain the elements of charcoal and tea tree oil which are best for purifying and cleansing.

If you ever want to feel more refreshing and revitalized just make sure you shower using the detoxifying steamer.


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How To Use Shower Steamers: Step By Step Guide

Shower Fizzies or steamers are easy to use, but you need to follow the clear steps to enjoy the bath to its full potential.

Here is the detailed guide to follow and enjoy the aromatherapy with these tiny fizzies:

how to use shower steamers
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Step 1: Prepare Your Shower Steam

The main important thing to activate your shower fizzies is the warmth and the steam. For this first you need to turn your shower on and wait till the water turns hot.

Make sure there is no space for air to escape as the aromas must fill the air inside to maximise the experience.


Step 2: Place The Shower Fizzies On the Floor

Right after the filling of the shower room with the proper steam and heat make sure you keep your shower fizzy in the right spot on the floor.

Picking the right spot is easy, you need to place the steamer where there is a direct contact of steam and the occasional hot water splashes.

This process can make the steamer release the essential oil and maintain the flow of the therapeutic aroma.


Step 3: Enjoy the Steam Filled with essential oils

Once your shower fizzies come into contact with the steam, it will hardly take 30-40 seconds to get activated.

Once it is activated it releases the essential oils mixed into the steam. You can enjoy the steam by inhaling and feeling the aromatherapy.

Each steamer has its own purpose lie, relaxation, rejuvenation, congestion relief and invigoration. Enjoy each fragrance and have a multi-sensory showering experience.


Step 4: Clean Up After Use

Decluttering your bathroom is a very vital step to make your aromatherapy well.

You need to take away residue to avoid the formation of mould with mild dew.

There is also a chance of steamer remnants if not cleaned and the chance of slipping surface.


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Benefits Of Shower Steamers

Here are the top benefits of shower steamers to know before you get into action with them:

Benefits of fizzies
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1. Aromatherapy At Home

Shower fizzies can create a sense of aromatherapy right at home by releasing essential oils into the shower steam.

Either for relaxation or invigoration flavours like peppermint and lavender work well to have the spa-like experience at home.


2. Convenient & Ease In Use

Shower Fizzies are very convenient to use, unlike bath bombs they won’t take much time to dissolve and are perfect for the busy schedulers.


3. Therapeutic Benefits

Shower Steamers are made of various formulations, catering for the needs of its users with customizations.

They have multiple therapeutic benefits from relaxation to the congestion relief eluded with the essential oils.


4. Enhanced Shower Experience

One can easily enhance their showering experience by using these shower fizzies which create a sense of delight.

The aromas are always pleasing and keep you in odor for a long.

There is no need to spend lots of bucks for the aromatic soaps and also makes your daily shower more interesting.


5. Portable & Easily Carried

These tiny substances are less in weight and are subtly portable to carry anywhere and enjoy the aromatherapy where are when needed.


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How to Get the Most Out of Your Shower Steamer

The most neglected yet most vital point is to find answers on how to use shower steamers and get the most out of it:

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shower Steamer
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1. Optimal Placement of Shower Fizzies

You cannot put the steamer directly in contact with the water which can make it dissolve fast and release the essential oils faster than the ideal rate. This can also increase the life span of the fizzies.


2. Create The Suitable Environment

A suitable environment is the prime factor in getting the most out of your shower fizzies. This can begin with trapping the steam inside the bathroom.

Create the right steam to enclose the essential aroma and also make sure you maintain your bathroom clean to not get mold involved.


3. Mindful Breathing With Steamer

Not only for the congestion relief steamer, but every flavour you use requires mindful breathing for a moment to have the full essence of what you are using.

Most of your stress released with mindful breathing can promote a sense of mindfulness.


What Kind of Shower Steamer Is Best for You?

Best shower fizzies
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Choosing the best shower steamer is always a personal choice. For relaxation, you can pick steamers made from Chamomile and lavender. Menthol steamers for the free-breathing and also the neem ingredients for the radiant skin. 


When And How Often You Use Shower Steamers?

Here are the timings and the frequency you can use the shower steamer:

When To Use Shower Steamers

You can use shower steamers in the morning with the peppermint or citrus flavour in order to boost your productivity.

Late evenings are also fine to rejuvenate the lost energy in the daily bustle. From there you can use the calming flavour of chamomile and eucalyptus for the illness.

when to use fizzies
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Frequency Of Shower Steamer Usage

  • Daily: If you are a daily hustle person and travel a lot daily use is recommended to gain back all the lost vitals.
  • Relaxation: Weekly therapies are recommended for old age people to maintain their immunity.
  • Cold Season: Cold seasons often require aromatherapies with shower steamers to get rid of skin and nasal irritations.


Can you reuse shower steamers?

No! Shower Steamers are purposely made for single-time use.

Once they get in contact with water the essential oils they are holding will get disposed of and lose their potency.

Even if you use it for the second time the aroma released won’t be as strong as the former.

To enjoy the essence to its full potential it is recommended to use shower fizzies only once.


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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Use Shower Steamers

Frequently Asked Questions
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1. can you use shower steamers in the bath?

Shower Steamers are designed for the shower and are not ideal for baths, as bathing won’t release much steam. For bathing, you can use bath bombs which are of the same use.

2. Are shower steamers safe for pregnancy?

Not all shower steamers are safe for pregnancy, if the fizzies have strong essential oils it is recommended to avoid them.

3. How long do shower steamers last?

Shower steamers generally last for 30 minutes by dissolving within 5-10 minutes. This can vary along with the size of the steamer and the bathroom.

4. Can I use a bath bomb as a shower steamer?

Bath bombs are curated for the baths and may not work as effectively as the shower fizzies. Bath bombs dissolve too quickly and of fewer ingredients in comparison with the shower steamer.


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